MONETIZE AND BECOME A “PLANTSWAVER” (business for companies)

PlantsWaves is a shared plant music therapy auditory exhibition that allows you to carry out a music therapy session in different locations, listening to the electromagnetic impulses of the plant, translated into music.

Do you have an outdoor activity, in contact with nature, do you organise concerts or events in your location?
Plantswaves is a platform for shared plant music concerts, the user buys tickets for concerts organised by PlantsWavers that are viewed by users from all over the world, present in the area where the concert is organised. Each organised event is advertised through social media and the internet to allow you to gain visibility and sell more tickets.
Becoming a PlantsWaver is a pleasant and innovative form of shared music therapy, a human, social and cultural experience that puts you in touch with the plant world and nature.
Everyone can become a PlantsWaver. It is not necessary to be a musician or have special knowledge to become a PlantsWaver. If you are a musician or singer, when you register as a PlantsWaver we will contact you to give you more information on how to offer a unique experience together with your favourite plant.
Plant music therapy is a way of harmonising your body’s frequencies, which are under stress due to the hectic pace to which we are exposed on a daily basis, which saps our energy and vitality.
30 minutes of vegetal music therapy every day, allow you to rebalance your energy fields, balance your mind and body and, share this event with other people like you, in the open air, monetising through the platform, the guaranteed payment of the users who will participate in the concert.
So, are you ready to organise your first concert?
It’s very easy to become PlantsWaver. In our shop you can buy a portable device that is able to perceive the electro-magnetic waves that move inside the plant and through a database of 120 instrumental modes, transform them into sounds.
After your purchase, you will be contacted to attend a short half-day course with a technician who will explain how to use the device and the terms and conditions under which you will manage your event.
Organise your first concert now and start monetising with PlantsWaves.

If you are a private individual or have a business, monetise now by organising concerts on the plantswaves platform.